Wiring issues and no response within SmartThings

Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help. I asked an electrician to upgrade my wired alarm to the Konnected system. He did the wiring within the alarm box, and I've connected the boards to wifi and installed SmartThings. Unfortunately, none of the cables were labelled, and so I've got an 18 zone system and I don't know what rooms the sensors are for, or whether they are window sensors, PIR's or door sensors!

Within SmartThings, I've set all the sensors as windows, and it shows 6 as open (when none are). More worringly, within the SmartThings app, none of the zones change when a door opens, or closes, the windows open, or when someone walks past a PIR. 

Has anyone any tips about what to do? Do I need to pull all the wiring out and start again? Or have I messed things up when I setup SmartThings as window sensors?

Thanks for any help you can give! 

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