Concord 4 - Interface w/ Relay - Home Assistant

I had a lot of trouble with finding everything needed to get this set up.

Here is a quick guide for a small installation. 4 zones, relay to Arm/Disarm, and Armed/Disarmed, and Active Alarm notification. 

For quick reference...

  1. You will need your Concord 4 installer code
  2. The spec from Konnected shows Z6 twice. This is a typo, and not a special zone.
  3. It takes 2 of your Konnected zones for Armed/Disarmed, and Alarm Notification limiting monitored zones to 4.
  4. If you are using Duck DNS, you will need to also add NGINX Home Assistant SSL proxy, otherwise things will show up but not update, or not update quickly.
  5. Outputs 1 and 2 on the Concord panel can be programmed with these codes Armed / Disarmed code = 00903 Alarm is currently triggered code = 00603
  6. You will need a 2k ohm ¼ watt resistor for the relay to work with Concord 4. It should be between the Ground and the Relay
  7. The Relay does not take a Konnected zone, but does take an alarm panel zone
  8. You cannot arm the alarm to “Stay” with this setup, only “Away” 
  9. You cannot tell what state the alarm is set to only that it is armed.
  10. The Relay connects to the Concord 4 through any standard alarm panel zone and operates as a Keyswitch sensor 
  11. The relay switch should be set in Home Assistant to pulse at 250 ms on High. This keeps your trigger from being stuck on or off in the event Konnected gets disconnected.
  12. Concord Keyswitch sensor should be set to the sensor that the relay switch is on, and Keyswitch style should be set to 1 (Transition).

  • Adding Schematic... Concord 4 - Interface with built in Relay  wiring 

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