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Sensors Wired/Terminated at Keypads and Alarm Panel - Best Solutions

I've uncovered what appears to be an ugly original installation of my Napco Gemini legacy alarm system that I've been trying to connect to Konnected devices.   This is what my current Gemini setup looks like:

  • 4 wired sensors terminate at the main alarm panel (in basement)
  • 3 wired sensors terminate at Keypad #1 (2nd floor)
  • 3 wired sensors terminate at Keypad #2 (2nd floor)
I originally thought a 12-zone kit would be sufficient (with a 12v to 5v power converter to install a tablet as my keypad at one of the old keypad locations).  I now think the best solution is to use the primary Konnected panel (with alarm output) in the basement for the 4 wired sensors there, then place a 6-zone add-on panel at each of the old keypad locations.  My challenge now has to do with powering the add-on panels at these locations *and* also powering a fire tablet at one of those same locations as well.

Has anyone done this with your own setup/install?
  • Would it be feasible to use the old keypad's wiring from the basement panel (the AUX PWR) to power the add-on Konnected panel (using the Konnected DC power pigtail)?
  • Would it also be feasible to use that same power source to connect my Konnected 12v to 5v power converter to power my fire tablet at one of those keypad locations as well?

Thanks for any advice/feedback!

  • perfect, keep up the good work

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