Do I have a ghost opening my windows?

Also posted to the reddit forum, so may look familiar:

Recently installed a Konnected pro board, and dual interface boards to 10 zones on my GE/Interlogix Concord 4 panel. Only door and window zones for now until I get a feel for the stability of the platform. Set up Smartthings to send notification when a zone in opened. Simple stuff.

Every night since I installed it, at exactly 3:23 AM USET, Smartthings thinks one of my windows is opened and closed 7 or 8 times. Same window, always 3:23 AM: Open/Close, Open/Close ...

Chime is set to ON in the Concord panel, but it doesn't beep then, so it doesn't think the window is open. If you open the window normally, Concord panel beeps and a notification is sent.

So what the hell? why 3:23 AM? Why just one window? Is the panel doing some sort of calibration at 3:23? Is Smartthings getting confused? Is the Konnected system going pear-shaped? Do I need a ghostbuster? Any info or guesses welcome ...

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