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Keyswitch on Zone 1 of ADEMCO Vista 20p

Looking to get some help installing a new Pro board with interface modules on my existing Ademco Vista 20p system. So I've been following the instructions: https://help.konnected.io/support/solutions/articles/32000028776-honeywell-ademco-vista-series-setup-configuration No issues with the instructions, everything is clear and I was able to perform everything except for the Programming of the Keyswitch section. The instructions describe a limitation on Zone 1 and provides two workarounds and I went with Workaround Option 1, by relocating a door sensor that was originally on Zone 1 to Zone 8 and using Zone 1 as the Keyswitch. Isubstituted Zone 1 in for the command to program zone 8 and included a 2k ohm resistor on this zone per instructions. However, as soon as I exited the programming mode I was given a warning with a constant beep/tone and the keypad screen indicated to check the door sensor. I had to go back into the programming mode to set Zone 1 to 00 (disabled) instead of 77 (keyswitch). Seems the issue is with the fact that Zone 1 can't be set as NC or NO; it can only be set as EoL. Does anyone have any experience setting up the keyswitch on Zone 1 they can share?
  • J Tang - I'm having the same issue - look over this thread and go to the 4th page and you'll see where someone was able to use zone 1.


  • Thanks for the link! Much appreciated. I will give that a try once I am able to wrap my head around it. So I will need a relay ... And once I wire up zone 8 & 9 as described to the relay, is there a need to wire to the interface module anymore? Also what happens in the Konnected app -- what type of device/zone would I be adding? I assume two of them, one for armed stay and one for armed away.
  • I'll tell you the guys on this forum and Reddit are the best and will help you through this process.  It sounds like you and I are at the same point so take a look at the info from this other post with Daniele Scarpazza.  

    Great help and very kind and patient.


    a.  PIN's 1 and 5 on the output will connect to open zones on your interface board.

    b.  Then - your relay switches will connect from the NO side to the zone on your vista board

    c.  go through the programming instructions as needed for Outputs 17 and 18 (pins 1 and 5)

    d.  go into the Konnected app and configure the zones on the interface board for (a) above

    e.  resync everything Konnected app

    f.  in the Home Assistant UI - select - configuration - integrations - select "OPTIONS" on the Konnected ICON

    g.  configure the new zones you setup in the Konnected app as switchable (you need to input timings in ms, I haven't gotten past that yet)

    h.  at some point you'll need to do the OUTPUT programming as listed in the Konnected.io documentation, this include *79 *80 and *56 program sections.

    Keep me posted - maybe you can get past this stage and help me along as well.

    this is where I'm stumped and have been reaching out to help

  • The Pins 1 and 5 / Trigger 17 and 17 are for following the status of the alarm, if you've got that programmed per the Konnected instructions.  I had that setup without issue.  When I arm for my keyfob or from the panel on the wall, I get that status update on my ST fairly instant.

    Anyhow, I gave the relay method a try, as described on the 4th page you linked me to and it worked great.

    I only had 1 relay to test it on, but it was able to arm the system without issue (i set the duration for 3 seconds to arm-stay).  And since I was short one more relay (for arm-away), I decided to give the relays built into the interface module a try.  To my surprise, it worked on my first try as well.  What I ended up doing was 

    • pins 8 & 9 from my vista panel to the 2 relay pins on the interface module, 
    • Out#1 from the Konnected Pro board to the IN on my first interface module

    This replicated the instructions on the 4th page of that link for an external relay.   Doing this again with another set of wires 

    • from 8 & 9 on the vista panel going to my second interface module's 2 relay pins
    • Out#2 from the Konnected Pro board to the IN on the 2nd interface module 

    Now there's both armed-stay (3000ms or 3 seconds) and armed-away (1000ms or 1 second), one from each interface module.

    What I'm now stuck with is how do I create a momentary switch for the disarm function?

    I don't have a 3rd relay to use (well, at least the Konnected Pro board only has 2 outputs).  

    Or am I using the relays on the interface modules incorrectly?

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