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I wrote a step-by-step tutorial on how to bring up a Home Assistant alarm panel

Inspired by recurring questions from reddit, I wrote a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up an alarm panel in Home Assistant based on Konnected.io boards. You find here:   


In the tutorial, I cover the steps necessary to bring up a full-featured system that group sensors by type, distinguished between "armed away" and "armed home", arms and disarms with grace periods and audible feedback, and even auto-arms and auto-disarms depending on presence.

All feedback is welcome! (But I can only promise corrections and additions work load and family permitting.)

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  • @Andrew  No no luck so far,

    I have created an automation  in an attempt to make the alarm control panel actually arm the alarm, but no success, I assume I am not getting the ‘state’ correct ..i.e. when ‘Armed_away’ set alarm switch to on.

    But my automation never triggers,

    I have the switch on my dashboard, that is the alarms toggle to arm/disarm, this works, but of course is not as distinct or appropriate as the control panel..

    I am missing something basic I gather, otherwise would be included in the “step by step” guide and not assumed.

    If you have any luck I would really appreciate your insight.

  • @Groutley,

    Thanks for the reply, if I have any luck will endeavor to post here.

  •  @Groutley and @Andrew - Don't know if you have been able to get this configured as yet, but I was struggling with the same.

    I have connected installed in parallel with my core Honeywell Vista 15p alarm system which is monitored by an external company.  All of my sensors are connected to it and I've just wired the Konnected Pro board as such to allow the integration with HA.  So for me, the Honeywell has all of the triggers in it I need, the only thing other than that was the triggers built into HA.  When I press the Arm_home or Arm_away and btw disarm, how do I get my entities within HA to activate the alarm. 

    With a little help from a lot of people (it's all about the HA language) I get something that works.  Please see below:

    This sets up the alam control panel

      - platform: manual
        name: (name of your alarm panel) no paren's
        code: !secret alarmcode (use this if you set you code in the secrets.yaml)
        arming_time: 30
        delay_time: 20
        trigger_time: 120
          trigger_time: 0
            arming_time: 0
            delay_time: 0
        code_arm_required: false  (allows to ARM without having to enter a code)

    Automation when using HA Control Panel

    You need a TRIGGER

    platform: state
    entity_id: alarm_control_panel.socorro
    from: disarmed
    to: armed_home

    You need an ACTION

    service: switch.turn_on
      entity_id: switch.stay_2 (this is my alarm switch in Konnected.io I also have one for away entity)

    I'm not a programmer or developer so I created separate automations for each state:  Armed_home; armed_away; disarmed

    I hope this helps

  • @Archie

    Thank you for the pointers!

    I have it almost working, just an odd behaviour ,

    My switch entity to arm the alarm is sometimes  turning the alarm on and then off again,

    But not always..  so if the alarm does arm and I use the switch again to disarm, it might disarm, but then re-arm!

    So my ‘manual alarm panel’ is working as I hoped,

    The automation takes the ‘armed_away’ state and turns on the switch.

    But the switch itself is not quite right.

    I am not sure how to fix that :-/

  •  That's real odd!  I would go through the programming again to ensure you have everything setup as outlined by that document.    Also check your connections on the board.  BTW what is your setup like ?  Do you have a pro board and two interface boards in parallel with you existing system ?

  • I seem to have sorted that odd behavior by deleting the integration and stating again!

    I have a DSC alarm system and the konnected pro, with 2x interface v2.1 boards.

    now I am trying to get an automation to automatically arm the system when no-one is home,  no luck so far..

    I’ll keep playing, obviously something wrong with my logic

  • @Groutley

    This is the automation I use. It doesn't arm automatically, it rather notifies me, in case there's someone else home (e.g., babysitter)


    alias: 'Intrusion: reminder to arm when I leave'
      - platform: state
        entity_id: group.family
        to: not_home
      - condition: state
        entity_id: alarm_control_panel.home_alarm
        state: disarmed
      - service: notify.notify
          message: You left. Consider arming the alarm in away mode
    mode: single


  •  @Groutley

    - glad you got that sorted.  Since the last few HA upgrades my system stopped reporting status and I need to figure out what's going on.

    Not sure if there is a section on these boards for automation examples for HA, but If there is we should start encouraging posters to drop their code there to help others.

  • Hello Daniele,

    Thanks for your detailed setup instructions.  It certainly helped me going with Home Assistant + Konnected pro.

    I also used the Alarmo custom card to set up scripts and automation for notifications, siren sound via Google home speaker group, etc.

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