Very excited that version 1 is out

installed as per doco

discovery of my pro and wifi worked

added zones but no items show up in homebridge

Removed my hubitat plugin in homebridge, as I have konnected on hubitat.   still not working, should I remove the apps on the hubitat?

what else to should I try?

  • ahhh sorry my bad, yes but it's unstable. Now I flashed the Konnected Panel with esp to have Mqtt support.

    no problem with the motion sensors but I have some trouble to configure the switch to arm and disarm the alarm. Do you have some tips?

  • So if you are using Home Assistant to connect the panel to HomeKit, and also try to use Homebridge to connect the panel to HomeKit as well, you will create TWO alarm systems in HomeKit - that's bad for various obvious reasons.

    I don't know what you mean by flashing esp to have MQTT support. Is it still using the Konnected firmware or have you replaced it completely with some other firmware?

    If it is some other firmware, that's completely out of scope of Konnected's support and you're on your own.

    My recommendation is to remove Home Assistant from the scenario if all you are using it for is for the Konnected Alarm Panel. If it is being used for other devices, then do not use Home Assistant with Konnected and have it work with Homebridge <-> HomeKit exclusively.

  • Yes I have flashed it with ESPHome, the situation is this: in my office not all have an iPhone so I created a home assistant panel for the "others". for those using homekit i had used homeassistant integration for homekit but it is very unstable. I then switched to homebridge which is much more stable. But I didn't want to take away the possibility for those with android to be able to use the alarm.

  • I understand the scenario now.

    My question is, are you using this to control homekit? or are you using something else to expose Home Assistant integrations to HomeKit?

  • yes that's right before I used that and it worked without problems, unfortunately, however, due to homeassistant and that integration, after a short time all the accessories became unreachable and I had to restart homeassistant, this thing does not happen with homebridge and they always remain reachable so I thought of using for homebrdige homekit which appears to be more stable

  • Well Homebridge and HomeKit are Apple-based so that pretty much limits all integration to that platform.

    I realize that you're also using smart home products for an office, which isn't unheard of, but I would say that your requirements are beyond the scope of the Homebridge plugin for HomeKit at this time.

    What would work best is if you simply integrated your Alarm Panel with the Konnected Cloud and used the SmartThings app on iOS or Android to control the alarm system.