Homebridge Plugin Initial Public Beta (Version 0.1.0)

Hello again,

Here's another update on Konnected's plugin for Homebridge.

This beta release is an upgrade from the alpha stage and with continued work that orchestrates the registration of V1/V2 and Pro Konnected zones to HomeKit accessories.

Notable functionality:

  • Sensor support all available sensors provided by Konnected currently.
  • Actuators, both stateful and momentary.
  • Ability to remove, rename, add, and update zones as needed.
  • Hints and Config UI X interface updates to make it easier to provision panels.

Caveat functionality:

  • Upon Homebridge startup, the state of a sensor or switch is defaulted to 0 or false (closed state for most sensors or a temperature/humidity value of 0, and actuator states of 0). Don't be alarmed! (pun intended ;-)) Closing the Home app on your iPhone/iPad and re-opening it will trigger an update for active states as they are updated by the Konnected alarm panel.
  • HOOBS functionality is spotty and still UNSUPPORTED. While the plugin appears to work in HOOBS, the configuration is a painful process. Fortunately we've been in touch with the developers working on the HOOBS web interface. They are planning to release a major version with new functionality and have incorporated our feedback on the configuration UI aspect. If you are a HOOBS user, keep an eye out for a release in the future which should have some parity with the configuration UI similar to what Homebridge users experience using the Config UI X plugin.

Things on the roadmap that are being worked on:

  • A proper alarm switch and controller in HomeKit.
  • Research into providing Home/Stay/Night modes and selecting zones that are active in each (E.g., only perimeter sensors trigger at night).
  • Ability to invert the sensor state for sensors that operate inversely.
  • Noonlight integration for 24/7 smart home monitoring.

For detailed information, please refer to the following links for details:

Installation: https://github.com/konnected-io/homebridge-konnected#installation

Configuration: https://github.com/konnected-io/homebridge-konnected#configuration

Support: https://help.konnected.io/discussions/forums/32000043024

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  • I installed a physical 12v alarm to my alarm pro. same one that is sold in this store. I have it set to trigger for home and away the settings. I've noticed that anytime the alarm triggers, its slow to do so and when it does, my connected board does not trigger alarm 1 or any alarm so my siren doesn't go off. no led is on the board for the alarm when it should be triggered.

  • further testing - got it working. I needed to create an alarm switch which I hadn't done. 

  • @Jason glad to hear!

  • @Tony Marcelli,

    So I was able to troubleshoot this with @f in that ticket. I don't think you saw all of our conversation even though it CC'd you. I noticed you have the same reproducible affliction.

    It boiled down to stale configuration settings in the Homebridge config.json file present from the previous version:

    1. sensors have old "switchSettings": {...} which shouldn't be there for sensors - remove that entire "switchSettings": {...} object block
    2. sensors may have the old "invert": true/false setting in the wrong location, it should exist under the "binarySensorSettings": {...} - move the invert setting to be inside that
    3. switches may have "binarySensorSettings": {...} which shouldn't be there for switches - remove that entire "binarySensorSettings": {...} object block
    4. beeper/siren/strobe switches may have "trigger": 1 in them. That is the default trigger for switches anyhow, so they aren't needed there. remove the "trigger": 1 setting from switches if they are meant to be triggered high.
    5. beeper/siren/strobe switches don't need "triggerableModes": [...] and don't really have any sort of purpose here (that's why it's experimental)

    Overall, what might be best for everyone is if they backed-up their Homebridge config.json file (you can simple copy and paste it to a basic text file and save that on your computer somewhere). Then, re-build the configuration from scratch starting off with:

      "name": "Konnected",
      "platform": "konnected"

    Then use the Config UI X interface to set up the zones again.

    I realize that may be tedious, but I don't foresee the structure of the config.json file changing for this plugin significantly anymore – just additions of new settings.

  • Updating the config seems to have done the trick! Thank you!