Homebridge Plugin Initial Public Beta (Version 0.1.0)

Hello again,

Here's another update on Konnected's plugin for Homebridge.

This beta release is an upgrade from the alpha stage and with continued work that orchestrates the registration of V1/V2 and Pro Konnected zones to HomeKit accessories.

Notable functionality:

  • Sensor support all available sensors provided by Konnected currently.
  • Actuators, both stateful and momentary.
  • Ability to remove, rename, add, and update zones as needed.
  • Hints and Config UI X interface updates to make it easier to provision panels.

Caveat functionality:

  • Upon Homebridge startup, the state of a sensor or switch is defaulted to 0 or false (closed state for most sensors or a temperature/humidity value of 0, and actuator states of 0). Don't be alarmed! (pun intended ;-)) Closing the Home app on your iPhone/iPad and re-opening it will trigger an update for active states as they are updated by the Konnected alarm panel.
  • HOOBS functionality is spotty and still UNSUPPORTED. While the plugin appears to work in HOOBS, the configuration is a painful process. Fortunately we've been in touch with the developers working on the HOOBS web interface. They are planning to release a major version with new functionality and have incorporated our feedback on the configuration UI aspect. If you are a HOOBS user, keep an eye out for a release in the future which should have some parity with the configuration UI similar to what Homebridge users experience using the Config UI X plugin.

Things on the roadmap that are being worked on:

  • A proper alarm switch and controller in HomeKit.
  • Research into providing Home/Stay/Night modes and selecting zones that are active in each (E.g., only perimeter sensors trigger at night).
  • Ability to invert the sensor state for sensors that operate inversely.
  • Noonlight integration for 24/7 smart home monitoring.

For detailed information, please refer to the following links for details:

Installation: https://github.com/konnected-io/homebridge-konnected#installation

Configuration: https://github.com/konnected-io/homebridge-konnected#configuration

Support: https://help.konnected.io/discussions/forums/32000043024

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  • @Kris Mason, good news I finally had some time this long weekend to get back into the code. Still behind some cognitive debt, but I'll likely have something by the end of the week!

  • Exciting! 

  • Made some progress this past week in the evenings, still ironing out some of the scenarios based on what Konnected offers. I had it set up where you had to assign a switch to expose the Alarm Switch in the Home.app but after some fumbling around with the other scenarios, I realized that the Konnected plugin should essentially be an Alarm Switch in itself because of its inherent nature and should be exposed from the get-go without having to assign a switch.

  • Great Mike thank you for the update, Can I please ask how far from functional the plug in is? what can I currently do/not do (need to understand if this is wife friendly or not yet) :) I assume its still a work in progress for basic requirements?

    My basic requirements (I think these are all)

    - Alarm on / off
    - Get notified if alarm has been tripped

  • Does this mean more than 1 panel would create more than 1 alarm?
  • @Kris Mason, both alarm on/off and alarm being tripped is apart of this next update.

    @Jason, I have adjusted my previous comment to be more specific (but no, more panels won't create more alarms).

  • Hi all - just stumbled across Konnected so consider myself a novice. Just wondering if anyone is running the HomeBridge plugin on a Raspberry Pi? 


  • Yes. I'm using the homebridge plugin on the pi. It works great save for the following issues:

    - If it loses internet the device gets new addresses for the each contact sensor which need to be updated in HomeKit. Sometimes I update my Unifi POE switch and it doesn't come back up until I reboot my homebridge. I can see the log that it is updating each contact sensor.

    - When contact sensors close, it sometimes throws an error in the logs.

    - No native alarm

  • Hi Mike Am I right in saying that the current homebridge settings for arm/disarm switch are not usable? I’ve tried to setup Using a keyswitch and relay via my V2 panel and previous generation interface board with separate relay but having no luck.
  • @Dave, yes Homebridge is geared towards running on a Raspberry Pi. Check out the following documentation on how to set it up: https://github.com/homebridge/homebridge/wiki/Install-Homebridge-on-Raspbian

    @Andy, I have created a support ticket for you to handle that outside of this thread.


    I have great news! I'm in QA with the changes for the native HomeKit alarm component as we speak.
    This took some dedicated personal time of mine, and there's been a lot of refactoring and improvements.

    HOOBS also finally released v4 this past Tuesday and I have begun testing all of the changes made thus far in our plugin.

    Let me get through that and I will post another update.

    ETA for launch is later today or tomorrow.


    // Mike

  • Awesome news! Thank you Mike!!

  • fantastic update!! i've been testing it this morning and the new features really make this product complete.

    i think i've found a bug though:

    1) i have output 1 set to be my beeper output. when i try setting any one of my contact or motion zones  to enable "this sensor should trigger the beeper when its state changes" instead of pulsing the beeper 5 times (as i have configured it to be in the alarm beeper switch configuration to behave as a door chime) the piezo instead just turns on solid and stays on forever until i arm/disarm the alarm. it behaved like this even before i customized the beeper output to pulse.

  • Right now I don't have any siren or beeper installed. I was hoping that the alarm would trigger an audible alarm on the HomePod. is that possible? 

  • @f, I will create a ticket to troubleshoot this. That situation leads me to believe it’s an isolated scenario.

    @Jason, try this? https://www.imore.com/how-use-homepod-homekit-alarm


    // Mike

  • Hi, I’m also experiencing the same issue @f is with version 1.0.1 of this update - piezo beeps forever until i restart the konnected board or homebridge (I haven’t tried enabling/disabling the alarm when it gets into this state)