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I am trying to get my Konnected boards setup in the new app, but none of them are displaying.

  • I am using the Alarm Panel Kit 4X and they are all V1.
  • I have reflashed each of the units with:
  1. firmware 2.3.5.bin
  2. filesystem2.3.5.img
  • I have connected each of the boards to the wifi using both the app and the my Mac. 
  • All the boards can be seen connected in my routers table
  • I have rebooted both my router and devices several times

Is there anything else I can do.



  • I just had a similar problem. Were you able to resolve it?
  • Did you guys resolve your issue?  I have the same issue.  

  • I got them working and then they stopped again. Then they were just intermittent. I stuck all 4 boards in the bin and bought a proper alarm system. An intermittent Alarm system is no good to anyone.

  • Experience same issue

  • Did the trick. Need to use Nmap. I was not even able to use Fing on my device as must be the same issues. 

  • It may be possible that you have missed out on something or there may be a wiring mistake. I also have used this alarm for my medical cv writing service uk company and upgraded It many times. It always turned out the best. When the wiring will be correct, the app will automatically works well. 

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