Wiring in Bosch 12 volt Smoke Alarms with 3 wires


I have 3x Bosch 12v smokes wired in series with 3 wires (red black and blue) that was wired into my original Bosch panel.

How do I wire this directly into the Konnected pro?  I have tried a number of combinations and while I can get the power to the detectors, I can't get it to trigger.

Even tried wiring the ELO resister between the zone input and the ground.  

I have searched this forum and found a post talking about needing a relay, but that was for 120v ones and I'm not sure it is relevant (I could be wrong - I am a complete noob at this).  It also looked like the solution was to wire through the existing panel which is not an option for me.  

I have attached the manual for the detectors and also a photo of the wiring on the back of the smokes.

Any help would be very much appreciated and please if you could talk me through it in baby steps.


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