Siren stopped working - network or server error occurred

My siren used to work just fine but suddenly stopped working. I tested the siren and it is loud and clear and works. When I get into SmartThings and it says Off and when I hit the power on icon to turn it on, it says network or server error occurred. How do I trace where the problem is - the board, the panel, the wiring? Everything had been working and so it is not clear that the panel and wiring would have suddenly gone bad.

  • I have a similar problem. I did not get the siren to work even in the first place, although it is discovered in SmartThings. I get the same "network or server error" message when I try to turn it on from SmartThings. I was able to test the siren by setting the Activation mode in the Konnected app / Zones from "High (default)" to "Low". Then it seems to invert the trigger, so that is clearly not the right config. But it works and is loud :D The Konnected Pro board itself works since the other wired devices (smoke detectors, motion sensor) work fine. I have tried all the things I have thought of. The strangest thing is that the siren is the Honeywell siren bought from Konnected store, so I assumed that it would work automatically. All ideas are appreciated!
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