WANTED: Occupancy sensor that is very sensitive

I am looking for a way to determine if a body (maybe at rest or not moving much) is in a room.  My sons don't turn off lights/fans in their bedrooms, and I want a way to do that.  Problem is that with PIR (and even PIR/Microwave dual setups), they don't move enough to trigger it reliably.  My one son works odd and varying shifts, so setting a schedule for it does not work.  My question is:  Is there a Microwave (or equivalent) only detector that will mount in the same area (up in the corner of the room), or can I mod something like the Honeywell Dual detector to alert on MW only (I *think that might be sensitive enough), or is there a better solution?  I have the wiring run to the upper corner of the room, so whatever I get needs to mount there too, and be powered by the Konnect 12v module.

Thank you!!!

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