New Zone Types for Alarm Panel INTERFACE Installs

The Konnected Cloud app has several choices for zone type that correspond to the various types of sensors, buzzers, sirens, and switches. But there are no zone types that correspond well to the output triggers available on many legacy alarm panels. The output triggers can indicate alarm states, such as armed (away), armed (stay), and alarm triggered. With the current zone type choices one must choose the door, window,  or switch zone type. None of these choices match well with the function of the output triggers. Please add new zone types that describe and represent the functionality of output triggers.

Many legacy alarm panels allow a zone to be programmed as a key switch. When the key switch is turned on for a moment the alarm is armed (away). When the key switch is held on for a longer period of time the alarm is armed (stay). Please add a zone type or enhance momentary switch to support a short push and a longer hold.

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