Need some help connecting to Bosch Easy Series

Hi all,

I need some help setting up my just received konnected system on a Bosch Easy Series. This is the set-up I'm trying to have:


Some pictures of my system:





I'm very new in all of this (I did not do the original installation myself) so I've some questions:

  1. I do not immediately find where to put the 12v AUX wires since I do not have this indication on my system, where should I put it?
  2. There are two outputs for each zone on my panel, where should I plug them?
  3. Where to connect the relay?
  4. Can I avoid using the external adapter?
Thanks for all the help!

  • Hi all,

    Just to mention that I managed to install the system, entirely, mostly using this great video:

    I'll answer my own questions in case anyone struggles with this :-)

    1. 12v AUX wires need to be connected on the white +/- 12VDC connector on the left

    2. The left output on each zone is the "high" and should be used

    3. I connected the relay to a free Zone. I had to use 2 transistors and the NC (see the wiring above in figure 1.1, the right set-up in number 8)

    4. Yes, use the same white 12VDC connector as in 1


    - I also could not use zone 1 (as mentioned in the video) so had to move the sensor connected to zone 1 to another zone

    Everything is actually very nicely explained in the video, I should've watched that one first before posting this topic.

    Good luck!

  • I'm trying and failing getting a programmable Output connected to a zone on the interface to monitor the armed state. The Bosch is correctly programmed I think, but I cannot get the wiring right. Anyone facing something similar?
  • This is becoming a lonely topic. I got the above working too!

    Connect a wire between the programmable output 1 NO and a zone on the Konnected Interface. Program the output to trigger when "System Enabled". Tune the potentiometer, et voila.

    I also used "Motion" as zone type BTW, does the trick.


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