I think I have broken a potentiometer on the Interface board


Hi, whilst trying to get a light to show on the interface board I probably twisted it a little too far and now there doesn't appear to be any resistance when I turn it.

If that is the case, then these are incredibly weak. Even though I was aware they were fragile and used the tool supplied I still managed to do it. There is a little resistance to turning anyway and it is very hard to judge between that and a stop.

Presumably I have broken it, does that mean turning it now has no effect, or is it just going past the stops and "starting again"? Or perhaps it is now at it's lowest setting?

Is there anything that can be done to salvage that zone? 

I have posted a ticket to tech support for this as well, but there is a apparently a several day delay on responses at the moment.


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    I had to switch my two interface boards around because of this problem. Now they just stay lit up (board B z1, 4-6). Thankfully I'm not using those zones. Now if only Konnected could replace them at cost (or even for free), that would be great. Regards.

  • Hi Antonio, 

    Thanks for letting me know that I'm not the only one!

    >Now if only Konnected could replace them at cost (or even for free), that would be great.

    Agreed, they are incredibly easy to break,


  • @Antonio,  whilst discussing an unrelated support issue Nate suggested that it's the pot. head that is sheared, not its internals as I assumed.

    Nate suggested using a blade or tweezers, I went for a very small sharp flat head screw driver  and applied a little pressure. I also used two pairs of reading glasses to magnify what I was doing so that I could precisely find a groove. This meant that I was able to turn the pot. again.

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