Is this Alarm System Compatible?

Hi, just discovered Konnected and wonder if my system is compatible? I believe it is one of the Texecom Veritas SKUs but the board doesn't quite match the one shown in a manual I found at

I'm in the UK and the alarm was installed in 2003 (before I moved in). I have attached a picture of the board.

It looks like the Aux voltage it supplies is 13.7v rather than 12v, will this be  a problem?

Does anyone have any tips for this make?


  • Hi Paul, Yes all working through smartthings, I can see when alarm is triggered or not, Alarm status i.e. armed or disarmed.

    Regarding setting the alarm through the smartthings as Andy advised I set to the switch instead of momentary switch and I was having the exact same problem like yours i.e. whenever konnected board restarts, it unset/disarmed the alarm because relay just close the circuit which was opened when alarm was set and it would behave this way with the switch only.

    I do have Texecom/Vertias R8 alarm, according to installation manual there is no way to set keyswitch zone to momentary but I was reading the manual of R8 plus and it does have momentary option for the keyswitch zone so I just tried that option through the panel of my R8 and I managed to set to the momentary, just lucky I think because it wasn't mentioned as I said in the manual of R8.

    To set keyswitch to momentary - enter engineer code then press prog, then type 03 followed by 6 and then press prog, it would beep if setting is successful.

    I didn't face any issues after setting to momentary in alarm and also in konnected app, Konnected board still restarts after few hours but it does not reset/disarm the alarm anymore. Happy Days.         

  • Syed, many thanks! I’ll give it a try tomorrow, and to think I’d almost given up hope. I’ll let you know if it’s Happy Days in Norwich as well!! Cheers
  • All the best Paul, fyi I am using delay settings of 2000ms in Konnected app for momentary switch.
  • Syed, thanks for your input! Changed the settings as per your instructions and the alarm turns on/off as required. Happy days it is! Alarm works .... However, I suppose because it’s set to momentary switch as supposed to switch I cannot check whether the system is armed or not. To activate the alarm I press the key switch on ST. It will show the alarm activated briefly and then off. To deactivate the alarm I have to set the key switch on. It then shows off. Checking the key switch history it does show on/off and on/off. But I know the alarm has stayed armed between those times. Is this his it is for you? Certainly with the key switch set to switch you know when the alarm is on/off and the history tells you when. I’m going to send this info across to the Konnected help desk to see if they can enlighten me!
  • Hi Paul, Glad to know its working for. Regarding Alarm staus i.e. armed or disarmed , please use SW+ status from the alarm panel and use it as a door sensor in konnected app to see if alarm is armed or disarmed in ST. Please see the Andy's suggestion on the previous posts, I followed those and I can see alarm is armed or not.
  • Paul, please see the attached screenshots of my ST and konnected app, hope it will help you.
  • Thanks Syed. I’ve only got sensors but it’s a similar set up. Unfortunately I’m laid up at the mo with a back issue. Not impressed!! I think your right and the problem lies with the SW+ on the alarm, but it’ll have to wait. From memory I don’t think I used the SW+ connector on the board.
  • Hi Syed, thanks for bearing with me! My K and ST apps I believe are set correctly. SW+ is set to positive on the control panel. What I haven’t done, as I wired the alarm system as per manual, is use the SW+ wire connection on the board. I get the feeling I should be using this!! I’ve attached my wiring of the board. If I read everything correctly the white is correct but the green wire goes to SW+ I’ve used a connector block to consolidate my wires, hence only single wires leading onto the board connectors.
  • You are welcome Paul. Yes it will be a single wire from SW+ to the konnected interface board on one of the zone, you need to set it as door sensor in konnected app and you would be able to see alarm status on ST.
  • Syed, your my hero!! Did exactly as you said and all works. My garage is the point of entry and with 3 entry points a motion sensor was the only way forward. So I’d never have thought to change the K app garage zone from a motion sensor to door sensor. Thanks again. All the best Paul
  • Nice one, I am glad its all working for you. Thanks and All the best to you too.
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