Is this Alarm System Compatible?

Hi, just discovered Konnected and wonder if my system is compatible? I believe it is one of the Texecom Veritas SKUs but the board doesn't quite match the one shown in a manual I found at

I'm in the UK and the alarm was installed in 2003 (before I moved in). I have attached a picture of the board.

It looks like the Aux voltage it supplies is 13.7v rather than 12v, will this be  a problem?

Does anyone have any tips for this make?


  • To anyone else who may come across this post - it appears that it is a problem. I was unable to power the Alarm Panel from the "13.7v" Aux supply.

  • Hi Jason! Also in the Uk and I have the Veritas R8!! Funnily enough just received my Konnected interface kit and installed today! Also had the problem with weak Potentiometers!!! I have got motion sensors and key switch all working to set and unset remotely but at the moment trying to figure out monitoring of alarm state and set status. As I have the R8 not the R8+ I am trying to use the programmable output (SW+ On my panel) for set status and also the bell output for alarm status. Have you had any luck? Andy
  • Hi both, I also have a Veritas R8 did you manage to get your systems working? I am looking to purchase and would like your views on it.

    thanks Jonathan 

  • Hi Jonathan, Yes pretty much there now. I have all sensors showing in SmartThings, key switch to arm and disarm remotely via the included relay (needs to be set as a switch not momentary switch), I also have alarm status monitoring by using the R8 SW+ pin out set to option 1 (set positive). My final test is using the R8 Bell pin out to monitor if the alarm triggers or not. I am yet to see if this works properly but will let you know. Let me know if you have any questions.
  • Andy

    thanks for the response, did you mange to power the Konnected from the R8 board, I have had issues with my Veritas bell so currently swapping it and now want to have the smarter system and if possible link it to my new summer house in the garden. I would be happy to hear any updates on your system.


  • Hi Andy, Jonathan, 

    Sorry I missed your previous emails - notifications going to Junk :(

    Jonathan, I managed to power the Konnected Alarm Panel from Aux output of the Veritas board - no mains power supply needed. I currently have 5 movement and 1 door zone all reporting to SmartThings.  

    Something odd on my board at least is that I had to set them all so the LEDs on the interface board were just off rather than just on and select the "Inverse" option for each in the Konnected app. I don't know if that if that is a Veritas thing or just the way my zones have been setup.


    I found that using a very small thin/sharp flat head screw driver was the trick to getting the pots. to turn again.

    You're lucky to get the Keyswitch configured. I don't have the Engineer code to reprogram a zone for this and no idea who to contact to get it. So I've given up on this bit for now.

    The SW+ output reporting armed state is interesting though. Did you have to program this or is it already set to do that by default?  


  • Hi Jason, 

    No I didn't have to inverse my sensors, I used the left hand pin for each sensor on the board?

    Yes I have engineering code (mine was just the default one), and I had to program the key switch zone and also the SW+ output!!


  • Hi Andy,

    Well done, thank you for sharing your success story! 
    How did you manage to "arm and disarm remotely via the included relay"? I can't find any manual.


  • Thanks Max! 

    I used this guide but without a resistor and also using a normal “switch” instead of a momentary switch -

    And these pages from the Veritas Manual  for Keyswitch programming

  • Thanks Max! 

    I used this guide but without a resistor and also using a normal “switch” instead of a momentary switch -

    And page 22 of the Veritas programming manual to program the key switch. 

  • Awesome, thanks!  I've already managed to reprogram one of the Veritas zones to be a keyswitch.  
    Unfortunately, I can't acivate PART mode alarm, only FULL mode alarm can be activated  by keyswitch.

  • That’s correct. Veritas alarm only lets you keyswitch full set
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