Powering board not using included ac adapter

Hello, I am interested in purchasing a konnected board. I have a quite old ADT system. The only problem is the closet that the panel is all connected into has no power plugs. Though the old panel is likely getting direct connected power somehow. Is there any way to utilize these existing power cables to power the board? I'm not sure where the power cables are but I do see markings on the diagram called "AC in via 16 VAC". I have a few photos of the panel I will attach. Thanks!
  • This panel is receiving its power from a 110/16vac transformer and has its own rectifiers onboard for making 12vdc power. That’s the rectifier assembly there above the rectangular yellow label with the 2 medium-sized capacitors.  

    The only option is to find the transformer, disconnect it and wire in a standard outlet. Don’t forget to trip the breaker and use a circuit tester to make sure it’s dead before digging in.  There are a lot of things you will be losing, though...  your phone and fire go through this panel and Konnected doesn’t natively interface with these things. 

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