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Now that we’re running Konnected in the cloud, could we get a Homebridge add-on to talk to the Apple Ecosystem without first going through another hub? (I currently get my Konnected devices into HomeKit via the SmartThings Homebridge add-on.)
  • I just searched for the add-on in the homebridge interface. It could be that it's not available there anymore. Also, it's not ready for prime time, so it won't actually work yet. I just played around with the interface. 

  • Thank you for the response. I do see a way to set it up I may try. I will let you know if it works out.
  • Hello all, I'd like to provide an update on Konnected's plugin for Homebridge that is under way.

    Current Status

    The latest version of the plugin is in a pre-release alpha (0.0.5-alpha) and successfully registers V1, V2 and Pro Konnected boards to work with HomeKit.

    Notable functionality:

    • Multiple panels can be discovered and provisioned.
    • Panels should now be automatically populated in the Homebridge config.json based on their successful discovery on the network.
    • Config UI X has an interface that can add and assign* the zones which show up in HomeKit.

    *Caveat functionality:

    • Zones that are assigned, are forced to Contact Sensor functionality (no other zone type will work in this release).
    • A warning in the Homebridge logs is presented when a Konnected panel has been registered with Konnected Cloud - by virtue, a Homebridge plugin will likely never support this.
    • If you add a zone and then change it to another zone, the original zone will persist (this will be fixed in the next release).
    • HOOBS installation & functionality is glitchy and officially unsupported at this time. The Konnected plugin for Homebridge should work interchangeably on HOOBS, however you will have to manually edit the HOOBS config.json per the example here:

    Things that still are not available:

    • All other zone types are not available to be assigned to a zone (coming in next release).
    • An alarm controller in HomeKit.

    I will endeavor to update this thread with more information as releases become available. For detailed information, please refer to the following links for details:




  • We now have HomeKit support via HomeBridge/HOOBS in beta! Please see this thread for the latest developments and further discussion on the HomeKit front: