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Now that we’re running Konnected in the cloud, could we get a Homebridge add-on to talk to the Apple Ecosystem without first going through another hub? (I currently get my Konnected devices into HomeKit via the SmartThings Homebridge add-on.)
  • This is something I want to do. Any Homebridge developers out there that would like to work with us on it on a contract basis, please contact me.

  • Can't wait!

  • Hey Nate, I have written a few plugins for homebridge including updating / expanding one for Xfinity Home that someone started. Since then I’ve learned a bit and written other plugins, feel free to look over my github and let me know how I could be of help! Even if you want to have me teach someone on your team the basics or help write parts of it I’m down for whatever.
  • Hey Nate, I’ve written a few plugins for homebridge, even updated one for xfinity home security system. I’ve learned a good bit about the platform and am willing to help teach someone on your team or help write parts of it. Feel free to look at my github: username is wylanswets I tried linking it but I think that blocked my post. Thanks!
  • Have you guys tried getting official homekit certification?  Homebridge shouldn't be the first route to getting homekit support. I would go through apple and try and get official certification. If that fails for whatever reason then go the homebridge route.

  • One reason you might want to try homebridge first is to know how your system works with HomeKit before going the expensive route of getting a certification. It’s also far easier to go the homebridge route as it uses your existing APIs instead of having to program specific new APIs to Homekit. Plus I believe HomeKit requires that the device communicates on the local network and not over a web api. In short it’s a way to test the waters before committing to it officially.
  • Nate, I’d help
  • I am not saying Homebridge support is a bad idea. It's better than nothing! However the purpose of Homebridge is really meant for consumers when device manufactures are not implementing Homekit support themselves. It allows prosumers to take it into their own hands to add unsupported homekit integration. But in this situation when you have a Device manufacture such at Konnected who are listening to consumers and are interested in Homekit support. There shouldn't be a need for Homebridge.  Homebridge's tagline used to be "Homekit support for the impatient" . Directly from the Homebridge readme:

    Technically, the device manufacturers should be the ones implementing the HomeKit API. And I'm sure they will - eventually. When they do, this project will be obsolete, and I hope that happens soon. In the meantime, Homebridge is a fun way to get a taste of the future, for those who just can't bear to wait until "real" HomeKit devices are on the market.

    As for Homekit certification being expensive, I am not sure what your definition of expensive is but the MiFi program is free besides a one time fee to verify the companies identity. Also most of the Homekit documentation is available not hidden behind the Mifi Program. You can have an "uncertified" homekit accessory still being provided by the manufacturer even without that last final step of certification.  Homekit does require the device to communicate with the Homekit proocol on the local network which is no different than local control that existed before Cloud became a thing. The device can still communicate to cloud while maintaining the local network communication via the Homekit Protocol/ other protocols. Its not a one or none type of deal with the homekit protocol.

  •  Once I get my Konnected system I will write a homebridge plugin if there isn't one already. I recently wrote one for Leviton Decora Smart Wifi devices by reverse engineering their api. Nate - look me up, I'm tabrindle on github.

  • Awesome, thanks @Trevor. I'm happy to help test it when you get to that point. I'm @turnepf. 

  • Hey @Trever, I would also be interested in testing if you need any help?

  • The work in the GitHub repo for Konnected Homebridge is looking great. Thanks to Mike Kormendy's efforts! I installed it just to play around and it's all very intuitive. Nice work! 

    @Nate - when do you guys think you'll have a release (beta or otherwise) ready? It appears to be very close!

    Again, thanks for the work on this. I'm stoked to see it in action!

  • did you use for your setup?

  • how did you install the konnected homebridge plugin? I have been trying to use hoobs to no avail. Do you have any tips?