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SmartThings ActionTiles and Noonlight Entry/Exit Delay

How do you set up the system with an entry/exit delay before sounding a siren and contacting Noonlight like an old school system? I want 30 seconds to disarm the system and stop the siren and Noonlight notification from going out. I can’t figure out how to set this up. My preference would be to get this set up and add a virtual keypad so it really acts like and old school system. This sort of access is critical with kids and others entering the house.
  • I’d like to do the same thing! I’ve enjoyed the Konnected Alarm, but we have 3 small girls and they have triggered the alarm a few times already.
  • I realize this is a fairly old post, but I was looking for such a solution too as I setup my new Konnected system. After contacting Konnected, I was told that if you are using SmartThings Home Monitor (a.k.a. SHM), which I am, there is a siren delay that can be setup in the SmartThing phone app. And most importantly, it's the siren going off that causes Noonlight to be contacted.

    In SmartThings Home Monitor on your phone, open the settings (gear icon), select Security, then select "Set response" and you'll see "Sound sirens" as an option.

    Unfortunately, SHM will still show an alert on your phone if a monitored door is opened. For example, when you open the main door, you'll still get that alert. To avoid that, you can create an Automation in your SmartThings app such that when you arrive home, the system is disarmed. But if other people will be coming in, they'll need the the app on their phone to do the same. Not ideal, but again, it's just an alert on your phone, and Noonlight will not be contacted if the system is disarmed within the siren delay period.



  • This feature would be awesome. It's a fairly basic requirement of most alarm systems that the control panel is behind or within the protected area to avoid tampering. Having a delay is pretty critical for some zones e.g. Door entry . I would like to see this as it means I can't use this system without it which is a shame.
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