I just received my konnected V2 12 zone system - 2 6 zone boards.  Not what I was expecting but it is OK.  I needed a 18 zones anyway so I'll get another board.  I also order a Hubitat device and now in reading posts I see a lot of issues with connectivity failures.  I wanted a cloudless system thus Hubitat.  Has any one tried to used dedicated IP address for their Konnected devices as well as the Hubitat and STILL had communication failures?  Has anyone uded Hubitat and Konnected for more than a month or two without a communication failure?

  • I've been using mine for about 2 months with Hubitat, and at least so far the system has been very stable, I have not had a single issue with reconnecting. We even had a few power outages last month and both Hubitat and the Konnected boards came back up without any issue. With that being said I use static IP addresses for every key component of my home network. Especially with Hubitat it seems this eliminates most of the random connectivity issues.
  • My solution is not to change the Hubitat or Konnected boards, but in my local DNS/DHCP/NTP server (running on a Raspberry Pi and filtering DNS traffic)  I have "Manual or Static" DHCP leases setup for each device on my network. This means the DHCP server has a pre-defined IP address for the MAC of the client. You can start by letting it get a regular Dynamic Lease the first time then configure a Manual lease later. 

     In my DNS DB, I have each device named (Konnec1, Konnec2 and Hubitat1) along with all the other devices even my DirectTV and DVD players have a DNS name assigned to them. 

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