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Two Door Contacts and Two Motion Sensors Not Working?

I have a side door and a garage entry door (both beside each other) and two motion sensors (one in the same room as the two doors) that don't seem to be working after installation.  Rest seems to be responding. Also the red light next to green one is on, on one of the two Konnected cards I installed (I have about 8 zones).

Any ideas about what could be the problem?

Is there a way of setting up an ad-hoc physical control panel by one of the doors so I don't need to give my tenant access to my Smart Things app to arm/disarm the system?

Thanks.  I came so close to having this work right from the get go lol!

  •  Are other devices working on that Konnected board?  If so have you disconnected one of the door contacts and tried an ohm meter to see if you have continuity with the door in one state (usually when closed) and not when the door in in the opposite state?  You could purchase an Iris V2 keypad from ebay (requires a community driver I think).

  • Not working as in they show open, or not working as in they aren’t showing at all?

    I had a problem with a few zones showing open until I read the instructions closer and found that I had to remove the resistors that were installed in the original alarm panel. That fixed it. 

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