Does anyone have experience upgrading a Gemini Alarm system to Konnected? We still use the alarm every night, so I'm not sure if I should go with the Konnected Panel or Interface.  We have two display keypads, two audible siren/voice alarms, a heat detector, broken glass sensor, and sensors on doors and windows. I don't know how many zones. I've tried reading the user manual I found online. If someone could explain what is what in my Alarm panel, or share a link that would help it would be greatly appreciated. 

Gem-P3200.  Picture attached.

(4.37 MB)
  • And here is the wiring Diagram

  • Anthony,

    Didi you have an answer to your question. I have similar question and interested to learn

  • Hello, what happens to my existing wireless zones after I install your device? I currently have a Napco alarm system. Do I have to switch out my existing wireless sensors for Konnected ones? Thanks

  • Im in the same boat, would like to know if Gemini board can be used to upgrade to Konnected.  I did submit a ticket and waiting for results

  • I am using Konnected Pro with a Gemini 3200 panel. Works perfectly and I have keyswitch arming configured. Also using the E4 lug to monitor arm/disarm status.
  • Josh, Would you be willing to share pictures/procedures/tips? I am particularly interested in how you programmed the keyswitch and utilized the E4 lug to monitor the status. Anthony Huemann
  •  I have a Gemini that i believe has a bunch of wireless sensors.  Can I upgrade it with a konnected board and retain the existing sensors?  Attached is a window sensor. 

    thanks for the help!!

    (2.16 MB)
    (2.07 MB)
    (2.11 MB)
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