I would like to install a Natural Gas and Carbon Monoxide sensors in my house. Is it possible to use the  Konnected CO sensor DTH for both devices

  • You may be able to connect your smoke detectors to Konnected so that you can monitor your home for smoke alarms via Smart Home Monitor or Home Assistant. 

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  • I already have a smoke sensor connected. I have connected a CO and Natural Gas sensors and using the CO DTH. It seems to be working. I have no way of testing 

  • I have already monitored and no way of testing.

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  • There are also other potential sources of poisonous vapors in your home, including fumes from improperly ventilated generators, furnaces, and even attached garages.

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  • In addition to the health risks, gas leaks carry explosive potential due to the highly flammable nature of the vapors.

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  • Stop moving for a minute and focus on what you can hear. If you know where the gas line is, try to identify if it’s emitting any sort of noise. It’s not always the case that the gas is moving through a confined space, so don’t rely on this sound exclusively to determine the presence of a leak.

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