I have read mentions on this forum and others that there is a problem with Zone 1 on a Vista 15/20 panel but I have never read a solution.  My Zone 1 isn't working.   The orange light will come on but never goes out if I open the door.   My front and garage doors are on Zone 1 so I moved them to Zone 2 which was Glass Break sensors.  I have smoke detectors that I assume are on Zone 6 which was labeled "All Others" by installer.  Unfortunately, my Vista 15 only has 6 Zones so I can't use Zones 2-7 like if I had a Vista 20p.  A sub-question for this is if I am able to get Zone 1 working either with doors or glass breaking, what type of device do you suggest for the glass breaking?  Motion???

  • After further research, the only thing I discovered is that I can't just move glass breaking onto Zone 1 because it is a 4-wire system and the Vista panel only allows for 4-wires on Zones 2 & above.  So, I have now switched the Front and Garage Doors back to Zone 1 and the Glass Breaking back to Zone 2 .  That means I have no access to those 2 doors thru Konnected.  I could probably move the Front & Garage Doors onto the zone with Patio Door until I get a solution on the Zone 1.  This is obviously when I have a 6 zone system and Konnected can only connect to 5 of them. Any advice anyone can offer would be appreciated.  Thank you.  

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