Konnected interface potentiometer not working

I had recently bought the Konnected Interface and attached it to my existing bosch alarm panel.

Zones 1, 2 & 3 are connected to the motion sensors and its working perfectly fine. Zone 4 is connected to output 1 (Trigger status) from the Bosch panel and Zone 5 to output 2 (Armed Status). I had completed all the required programming in bosch to provide the trigger & armed status back to Konnected. Potentiometer light for Zone 4 & 5 are off before connecting the wires to the panel and it turned on when the wires are connected. I tried to tune the potentiometer to turn the light off to align with Normally open circuit , but its not working.  Lights are on all the time and my home assistant is not picking up the output from these zones. Any help would be much appreciated.

  • Hi Jagan,

    I also have a Bosh Alarm and am trying to achieve the same thing with the Konnected Interface.

    I am currently trying to set up the Armed State and haven;t even managed to see any light turn on on the ZOne 4, which is wired to my Outuput 2, which I have programmed as follows:

    0  1  1  2  0  1

    Could I please ask what you have programmed yours to?



  • Hi Guillaume,

    I used the code 0 1 1

    0 1 - For the Armed status

    1 - Normally Open, Going Low

    You can ignore the time parameters as they are irrelevant for this polarity. 

    If this doesn't work, you can also try 0 1 8

    8 : Normally Low, Going Open

  • Hi,

    Did it work?

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