Hello. I have a 3 zone kit, and this just started. They were working OK, now they do not. On 2 of my Konnected boards, it no longer registers sensor open . What I have done so far: 

1. the sensors register open correctly at the board using a multi-meter. Normally closed circuit, open when door or window is open.

2. I have re-flashed the firmware on the 2 boards in question.

3. I have tested the boards using ESPlorer; they check out OK.

4. I do not get a blue light flash when I create an open circuit on the boards that do not work, I do get the blue light flash on the board that does work.

I am using Home Assistant running under Docker, on Ubuntu. 

Any ideas?


  •  Yes - worse in the last week,  can open a door and it can take 1 to 2 minuets before smartthings sees it.

  • Same for me, I can get halfway down the hallway after opening and closing the door behind me before it goes off.

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