Hello. I have a 3 zone kit, and this just started. They were working OK, now they do not. On 2 of my Konnected boards, it no longer registers sensor open . What I have done so far: 

1. the sensors register open correctly at the board using a multi-meter. Normally closed circuit, open when door or window is open.

2. I have re-flashed the firmware on the 2 boards in question.

3. I have tested the boards using ESPlorer; they check out OK.

4. I do not get a blue light flash when I create an open circuit on the boards that do not work, I do get the blue light flash on the board that does work.

I am using Home Assistant running under Docker, on Ubuntu. 

Any ideas?


  • I just follow the instructions and now the boards are rebooting every few minutes..

  • It worked for me. I got this from support: Over the Air hasn’t worked in over a year. We are looking at bringing it back soon as we believe we have solved the technical issue that caused it to stop.
  • So the wifi module unplugs from the board where you plug all your sensors in.  So without disconnecting everything I was able to follow the instructions posted and it worked for me.

  • I have the exact same issue - all of my sensors are "frozen in time" since 7/30.

    I followed the advice given earlier to update the smartapp & device handlers, reflash the firmware, and re-synced the device settings - after all that, nothing changed - still doesn't work.

    Andy got back to me right away as well (these guys are good!), and asked me to regenerate the authorization token - which I did, and it didn't work. He further asked me to turn off device discovery - which I did, and - you guessed it - it still doesn't work. Andy hasn't given me any further instructions yet, so I will update this thread with what he asks me to do next...

  • Success! I removed everything including the 50~60 webcore instances that were linked, my garage door handler and more. Reinstalled and setup Konnected from scratch and now the status in SmartThings is functioning.

  •  Finally, Success for me as well! But not after a world of pain...

    I ended up having to systematically delete everything and start from scratch. The steps that worked for me were:

    1. Before doing ANYTHING - go into the Konnected smart app in the Smartthings mobile app, click on each board you have (I have two) and take screenshots of the pin mappings before you do anything. I did not do this, and it caused me a world of pain later when I had to remap all of the sensors again. I stupidly threw away the labels from the wires in the cabinet after I successfully installed Konnected years ago, so when I had to do the remapping, I ended up having to do trial and error by running around the house opening and closing doors and windows to see which sensors changed states!
    2. Go through the devices in My Home in the Smartthings mobile app (eg. Front Door, Living Room Windows) and delete all sensors that were connected through Konnected
    3. Delete both Konnected boards from the Konnected smart app in the Smartthings mobile app (I have two Konnected boards since I have more than 6 Zones)
    4. Take both boards off of the wiring bases, download the latest Firmware and File System files from the Konnected Github account (as described in an earlier post by Steven Lin - https://help.konnected.io/support/solutions/articles/32000023470-flashing-konnected-firmware-software) and flash both boards
    5. Reinstall only one of my two boards, power cycle it, then go through the Konnected smart app in the Smartthings mobile app to detect the newly connected Konnected board, then set up each zone from scratch. 
    6. NOTE: It's important to do each board one at a time to make it easier to identify each sensor. Word of warning - if you no longer have all the wires in your wiring cabinet still identified (I labeled each set of wires with the name of the door/window/motion detector, etc when I first installed Konnected, but threw those labels away after the process), it's important to do each board one by one to make it easier to identify each sensor.
    7. Once I had everything remapped, everything is working once again
    What a huge PITA!
  • What a pain. Surely there is a simpler solution.
  • I did the three steps above and now my boards are working again, however now all of my pins are jumbled up. Front door now back door ... etc
  • I'm having the same issue.  4 boards.  I haven't update the firmware since install ~18mo ago.  

    I've submitted a ticket and am hoping for a solution that doesn't require several hours of deleting/re-adding devices and updating the many automations I have.   

    Fingers crossed!

  • I submitted a ticket yesterday via chat. Nothing ever materialized. My family has set off the alarm multiple times now. The wife acceptance factor has gone way down.
  • I had issues as well a week ago.  I flashed all three of my boards with the latest firmware, went in to the ST Konnected app, tapped through each board to resync (no changes made), and everything seems to be stable again.  Whole process took maybe 10 minutes.

  • Andy from Konnected sent me instructions to fix. I'm back up and running in less than 30 mins!
  • It's has been a long time since I need to come here, but your posted resolution solve my issue of sensors not being detected as being open.


    There was a firmware update on the hubs a few days ago that seems to have caused some issues with older firmware on Konnected. To fix it do this.

    First update you Smartapp and Device Handlers - SmartThings: Updating Konnected SmartApps & Device Handlers

    ​Then flash and update your firmware - Flashing Konnected Firmware & Software

    Then resync your boards - Re-sync Device Settings

    ​That should fix it. Let me know.

    Andy Wulff

    Konnected Customer Support Specialist

  • Mr. Wulff I have same issue and tried the steps above and still no luck. I thought I had it when I had to reset my sensors to Normally open and save, but still the same no state change when I open door or window.
  • Are you guys seeing bad delays on the sensors now after the firmware update process? Its definitely taking a lot longer for status updates from the door sensors than from before when they were originally working.

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