Does anyone know if support is available for integration with Ring alarm systems instead of SmartThings? I saw there was a thread about people asking for HomeKit Integration and it was alluded to that there is not Ring integration but it’s not clear to me. What exactly needs to happen to integrate with other systems?
  • I was able to get my Ring Retrofit alarm to work with my Konnected alarm panel.  To do this, I used 12Kohm resisters in series to isolate the Ring Retrofit from the Konnected panel.  This is needed because the battery powered Ring retrofit behaves differently than normal hardwired alarms.  When a circuit goes open, the Retrofit voltage goes high (as expected) but only for about 1 sec before pulling the voltage low again.  The 12K resister allows the Ring Retrofit to pull low without pulling the Konnected signal low (indicating a closed circuit).  With this setup, I get to use Ring to monitor my Retrofit alarm while also using SmartThings / actiontiles in parallel.

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