Smoke Alarm Configuration failed at PIN detection

I have a 4-wire smoke detector which is daisy chained with regular smoke detectors throughout the house. I was able to identify all 4 wires in DSC panel: Red & Black and Green & White. I am using NodeMCU with base. I connected Red to U1 12V, Black to U1 GND, Green to D3 pin and White to GND. I believe that's how the configuration should be as per the article on Konnected (let me know if that's wrong). However when I checked in ST Konnected smartapp, I see only 2 options for D3 pin: Temp & Humidity sensor and Temp Probe(s). I thought this pin is only for that purpose so I moved Green wire to D4 but there is no D4 in smartapp and D3 still shows same. Not sure what's wrong here. I can see various options (open/close, smoke, siren etc.) under every other pin but not on D3. Here is what I have on the board right now:

D1: Open/Close Sensor

D2: Open/Close Sensor

D3: As state above

D4: unavailable

D5: Open/Close Sensor

D6: Open/Close Sensor

D7: Open/Close Sensor

D8: Siren

Rx: Empty

I have another such board in garage for operating garage door on pin D1. That also shows same for D3 and no D4. Appreciate any help in this matter. TIA!

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