UK Install of New Konnected Alarm Panel INTERFACE

Looking for a contact for anyone who's installed the new konnected interface board in the UK?


  • Hi Ive just installed an interface panel in the UK, Manchester. Im looking for help as well as Ive got the panel in and its connected to smartthings as a kind of monitor but i can figure out how to arm/disarm it.


  • should say can't

  • I'm no familiar with SmartThings, but I assume you just configure the individual input zones and then link with some kind of automation to the output zone where you have the bell.

  • Smartthings has options for armed away, armed stay, and disarmed but I can't see that they trigger the relay to set/unset the existing panel. Have you got yours working OK now?
  • Late to the party, but my understanding is that your existing alarm needs to have a "key switch" zone which you can use to arm/disarm the alarm. Just something I've picked up from reading around, I know absolutely nothing about alarms, which is why I haven't put in an order for Konnected myself yet. I'm actually looking for a UK installer who can help me out.
  • Hi that's true, I got the interface and unfortunately my alarm doesn't have a key switch zone, unless your certain your panel has this facility I'd go for the konnected panel instead of the interface.
  • I've been looking into the Konnected setup for the last couple of days and come to the same conclusion.

    I can put a key switch into my alarm system (Scantronic) but it has to be wired up to the no use as far as I can see, though would have thought it would still send some sort of signal to the main control panel (which for keypads has +/-/sig inputs).

    Am starting to think going for the full panel might be the best option, but then I have an old keypad I cannot use.  May be able to get power for a digital keypad, but more faff....

  • John Sleaford

    Did you manage to get your interface board working?

  • It works but I'm still unable to arm or disarm it remotely and still have to use the original alarm keypad.
  • Can I just ask if you powered this off the Accenta board or a separate supply.

    if the board which connections?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Dont know if you all got sorted? but what Scantronic panel do you have?

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