Waterproof Temperature Probe (DS18B20)


There doesn't seem to be a wiring guide for the Waterproof Temperature Probe (DS18B20) that's sold in the Konnected store.  Can someone please help me figure out how to wire this up?

@Support - It would probably be a good idea to either link to the answer on the product page or create a new link in the "How to Wire" section.  Some of us require a bit of hand-holding :)

Thanks in Advance!

  • Ds18b20 - see attachment. Red - 3.3 or 5v - constant power Yellow - Digital - konnected zone of choice Black - Ground - ground Resistor needed when using long wires or multiple sensors. In Smartthings Once wired and configured you will have to wait approx. 3-6mins before the sensor shows up in the things menu with its Id number as its name.
    (36.6 KB)
  • Thank you!

  • This is an old topic but I have a question.  The diagram shows the mentioned resistor but it is labeled as a 4K7 Ohm resistor whicj is obvously a typo.  So what is correct?  is it a 4K, a 47K.

  • No typo, some people like to use that format where the k takes the place of the . 4k7 = 4.7k, 4700 Ohms
  • A spec of dirt on a schematic that's supposed to read 47k gets interpreted as 4.7k could be very problematic
  • Is that a Europe thing?  Worked in Electronics 46 years, Retired now since 2015.  Never seen it annotated that way.  I still learn something new every day. 

  • Unsure of the origin of this practice but its considered RKM code.
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