Bosch Solution 862 System and Konnected INTERFACE kit

I have a Bosch alarm system, its pretty old 15+ years, over the years it's been upgraded to support cellular monitoring etc, and Im keen to keep the system as I haven't found a true WAF replacement for the codepad etc. that still supports monitoring here in NZ.

So I've been looking at the Konnected INTERFACE kit to upgrade the system to support some more smarts via HomeAssistant, but need to check a few things.

1. The system has 4 Zone connectors but they support 2 zones each using different resistors 3K3 for one zone and 6K8 for the other zone (see below). Can the konnected solution support this, would I connect two wires from the single zone connector on the bosch side to two separate zones on the konnected side and adjust each konnected zone to the correct resistance?


2. I'm trying to decode my alarm manuals (see attached) to understand if I can somehow monitor the armed state of the alarm dont really care about activated state as this could be triggered in hA based on armed state and the zones. Ive looked at the system and I can see wires into both Out 1 and Out 2. I believe Out 1 is the siren and Out 2 is for the smoke detector

I've attached the two manuals I've been working from to start to understand my system.

  • Thanks Jagan B,

    Event Type : 22

    Event Assignment : 0

    Output Polarity : 0

    These worked using the power from the main board.




  • I’m in this situation at the moment trying to get the zone doubling to work on my interface board and Bosch sol 16+. I can think of a way to test which I believe will work. Connect your sensor lines with EOLR resisters to the Interface board directly and individually. Then run a line back from each of the inputs on the Interface board back to your Bosch panel and double zone it back, but this time add a Diode from each of the lines before joining them to the Bosch zone inputs - that way neither signals can interfere with each of the sensor lines or Interface inputs. Will try this out today.

  • Update, the Bosch faults using the diode as it thinks its an open circuit. I have the interface hooked up doubling the zones as per the Bosch, sharing zones - which is acceptable to me. Ie bedroom 1/entry door status is as one. I have many other zones sharing aswell. I may reconfigure some zones so they reflect the multiple entry door rather than combining with motion sensors.. this will suffice until I’m ready to replace the Bosch entirely with the Konnected pro panel.
  • I have reconfigured my Bosch so a few of the motion sensors are on the same zone doubling, then ensured I kept the doors on single seperate zones. That way I can assign door icons in HA to the entry’s etc. I have all my alarm status, burglary alarm state and key switch all working fine. One thing I noticed, anytime I reboot the Konnected board for applying changes or whatever reason - the Bosch key switch will trigger and my alarm will go into ARMed state which is a little annoying, ie on power failures…. And if you are asleep!!
  • I think the problem I’m seeing is the Interface board relay sticks/latches ON or OFF rather than momentarily. Is there a way to configure the relay to be of momentarily switch or pulse?
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