Bosch Solution 862 System and Konnected INTERFACE kit

I have a Bosch alarm system, its pretty old 15+ years, over the years it's been upgraded to support cellular monitoring etc, and Im keen to keep the system as I haven't found a true WAF replacement for the codepad etc. that still supports monitoring here in NZ.

So I've been looking at the Konnected INTERFACE kit to upgrade the system to support some more smarts via HomeAssistant, but need to check a few things.

1. The system has 4 Zone connectors but they support 2 zones each using different resistors 3K3 for one zone and 6K8 for the other zone (see below). Can the konnected solution support this, would I connect two wires from the single zone connector on the bosch side to two separate zones on the konnected side and adjust each konnected zone to the correct resistance?


2. I'm trying to decode my alarm manuals (see attached) to understand if I can somehow monitor the armed state of the alarm dont really care about activated state as this could be triggered in hA based on armed state and the zones. Ive looked at the system and I can see wires into both Out 1 and Out 2. I believe Out 1 is the siren and Out 2 is for the smoke detector

I've attached the two manuals I've been working from to start to understand my system.

  • OK, for the Alarm State:

    I have (from 380 to 385): 1 15 1 0 0 0

    Which means:

    - 1,15 : Sirens Running

    - 1: Normally Open, Going Low

    For the Arm State, I have: (from 374 to 379): 0 2 1 2 0 1

    Which means:

    - 0, 2 : System Disarmed

    - 1: Normally Open, Going Low

    - 2,0,1 I don't think that matters.

    Then you may have to adjust your potentiometers to make it work.

    I hope that helps.

  • Thank you! Do you get a light on your connected board for the armed status? My light is always on but may need tuning.
  • Adam,

    How did you go with the monitoring of armed status? I'm helping my friend with the Konnected installation for this Bosch 16 plus. I used Output 1 with the following settings

    Event Type : 22

    Event Assignment : 0

    Output Polarity : 0

    But the status light is always ON and doesn't go off even after tuning. Did you have any luck yet?

  • Hey Jagan, Thanks for the feedback. I'll have time tomorrow to try that. I believe I have used that event before but I'm thinking my polarity and event assignment were wrong. I'm currently trying output 3. Did you have to adjust the potentiometer on the connected board?
  • Hi Jagan, Unfortunately can not get this to work even using all of your settings. I'm just getting no feed of signal when I arm/disarm. I am trying to program on Output 3.

  • Hey Adam,

    Any luck yet? Did it work with Output 3? I'm stuck as still i couldn't get the armed status monitoring to work.

  • Hi Jagan,

    I thought you said you had it working?

    No I can't get it working no matter what settings i try, I haven't tried a different output other than 3, I don't think changing output will do anything,

    Not sure what else to do.

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