Bosch Solution 862 System and Konnected INTERFACE kit

I have a Bosch alarm system, its pretty old 15+ years, over the years it's been upgraded to support cellular monitoring etc, and Im keen to keep the system as I haven't found a true WAF replacement for the codepad etc. that still supports monitoring here in NZ.

So I've been looking at the Konnected INTERFACE kit to upgrade the system to support some more smarts via HomeAssistant, but need to check a few things.

1. The system has 4 Zone connectors but they support 2 zones each using different resistors 3K3 for one zone and 6K8 for the other zone (see below). Can the konnected solution support this, would I connect two wires from the single zone connector on the bosch side to two separate zones on the konnected side and adjust each konnected zone to the correct resistance?


2. I'm trying to decode my alarm manuals (see attached) to understand if I can somehow monitor the armed state of the alarm dont really care about activated state as this could be triggered in hA based on armed state and the zones. Ive looked at the system and I can see wires into both Out 1 and Out 2. I believe Out 1 is the siren and Out 2 is for the smoke detector

I've attached the two manuals I've been working from to start to understand my system.

  • Hi Owen - i have similar request with utilising a Solutions 862 and Kconnected INTERFACE. Did you manage to get any further with this?

  • Hey,

    So Ive started my Konnected Interface install against my Bosch 880 system (without monitoring of the specific zones due to the SPLIT ZONING feature my alarm is using), and so far so good. I have managed to switch a spare zone to be a momentary switch and have it arm and disarm the system.

    However I am now struggling to work out how to monitor the status of the system using the different OUTPUTS. My old Horn and Strobe no longer work and TBH I don’t like bothering neighbours with my alarm so have dropped them from the system freeing up Output 1 and the Strobe outputs. Nothing was ever plugged into Output 2 (as I don’t have a wired smoke alarm).



    However I cant seem to figure out the correct config in the alarm system to get the zones to pickup status changes, however I think its prob. something to do with the config or me.

    The Piezo Siren output works perfectly fine, I can see the voltage change when the unit has been trigged (had to remove the siren temporary as wife was getting very annoyed and me very deaf), however when I tried to plug a wire between N/O and one of the zones on the Konnected.IO the zone state wouldn’t change no matter what I adjusted the POT to.. either the led for the zone would stay on or off… but when the siren fired it would not turn off or on.

    Based on the document the siren is set to the following:



    Event Type = 1-15 = Sirens Running

    Polarity = 1 = N/O, going Low




    I know the Event Types I need to set each OUTPUT to but I’m not sure what Polarity setting I should used. I’m guessing once I have the output configured correctly I can simply plug a wire between OUT1, OUT2 or STR and a free zone on the… and then try and set the POT correctly.

    I have tried setting OUT1 to the same settings as the Relay (Siren output) but again the interface zone light wouldn’t change when the siren was activated. I tried changing the polarity to 8 (Normally Low, Going Open) but same problem.


    Any suggestions on what I need to do, or ways I can troubleshoot this, I have also attached the full manual if that helps... cause right now Im at a loss of what to do






    P.S. Individual zone monitoring would have been nice, but I couldn’t get it working when I tried it… I plugged Z1 into Zone 1 on the Konnected.IO however it would only detect changes when ZONE 5 trigged, it would never pickup a ZONE 1 trigger… so I dropped it… as what Im really after is just a simple arm/disarm capability with the ability to track the ARMED status and TRIGGERED status so I can do some simple automations in Home Assistant.

  • Note I should have prob. mentioned I have wired the power for the interface into the GND and +12V used to Power External Equipment

  • Hey thanks for the update Owen. I have only just ordered my Konnected Interface alarm so will let you know how I get on. Cheers Steve
  • Hopefully it will arrive next week 
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