I ordered my Konnect starter kit and I have been doing as much research as possible as well as analyzing my board. I think I have everything figured out except for the smoke detectors. It appears to be a 4 wire setup bridged over zones 7 and 8 (shows up as zone 8 on the wall display panels). However, I only see a black and red wire to those zones. Should there be two other wires someplace? 

My board is a Napco 1632, I will try to post pictures. 

  • Attached pictures of my existing system
  • I wired the R and B to zone 6 on Konnected (not sure what else I should have done) but now it just shows a smoke detected signal. I assume these are input lines and dont affect the operation of the smoke detectors but I want to make sure I am not messing anything up before disconnecting them. 

  • I'm struggling with similar wiring challenges. On my system, red and black were used to send power to the smokes.  Green / Yellow were the signal lines that went to the panel. 

    You may need to swap normally closed for normally open in your HA system.

  • Please update here how the integration went. I have a Napco 1632 with 30 zones and interested to install Konnected.

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