Wondering if anyone has been able to get the new interface modules with a vista panel and smartthings. I can get the interface to connect and I can see the zones open and closed on the smartthings app but I cannot get the panel to program the relays correctly. I can trigger the relay from the app but cant get the programming correctly to arm the system.

  • @ David Parsons Could you take some multi-meter reading across each of your zones for me please. I have the 15p I believe as i dont have any connectors on 18,19 and 20. On zone 1 of my system I have two door sensors wired together in series and the voltage output on that zone is 13v while my other double sensor zone is 3.73v and another at the same voltage and then i have one at 6.02v. Last thing i want to do is hook up my esp8266 NodeMCU pins to any one of those and fry my board. Thanks for your guys help and efforts.

  • Hi Martin. Please give me a ring tomorrow and I’ll see what I can do to help. (425) 879-0848. Pacific time zone.
  • Hi I'm having issues setting up the interface board with a relay. I managed to setup the interface board, addon board with the vista20p. I can see the different sensors in smartthings and konnected app. I can turn my relay on and off. The relay is connected to zone 7 of the vista20p with a 2k resistor as per instructions. I connected output 18 to zone 6 of interface and output 17 to zone 4. I programmed zone 7 in *56 for the switch. I did the *79 and 80 programming. I can't seem to be able to activate system in smartthings. What are the next steps. I've attached pics of my setup
  • Giuseppe, I would try my vista integrations smart app, it helped simplify things:


    Although I will say, be sure your wifi connection is good. I wound up scrapping this configuration because it turns out the chip sends a blip of a high signal to the relay on boot, which causes a key switch fault to register on the 20p. Mine would reboot often and made it annoying. Its a known issue with D0. See  https://rabbithole.wwwdotorg.org/2017/03/28/esp8266-gpio.html

  • Typo, D8.

  • Hi Peter, I managed to activate the system through the app. I activate the relay switch and the the system activates. However I don't seem to be able to get the arm and disarm functions to work on the app. When I change the relay from momentary to the konnected relay switch and add it in the integration app it doesn't work. I can't even activate the switch.
  • @Francis Glaser , did you ever get the programming for output 18 to alert when alarm triggers?
  • I have been using Konnected Alarm Panel INTERFACE for wired security systems with Honeywell Vista system. It has been working great for almost 2 years with old smarthings app. Recently the old smarthings app suggested to migrate to new Smarthings app and I migrated all. Now it is not working with new smarthings app. It says 2 sensors open the Armed Away and Armed Stay. Please advice.

    Thank you.

  • Any one lucky connecting to new Smarthings app?

  • I just wanted to say thanks to David Parsons - used the doc to tie in my Vista 21ip to the interface board with alarm stay/away statuses.  I started with the *80 figuring the *79 defaulted to 0, but I found I still had to program the *79 in.

    Maybe one day I will get to the relay for arming & disarming, but that's for another time.

    Thanks again.

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