Wondering if anyone has been able to get the new interface modules with a vista panel and smartthings. I can get the interface to connect and I can see the zones open and closed on the smartthings app but I cannot get the panel to program the relays correctly. I can trigger the relay from the app but cant get the programming correctly to arm the system.

  • This is what I meant by various sites to tell what armed status ...
  • I went for it and now have the main 2nd Floor wireless sensor monitored instead of having the arm status. Works like a charm. Last item on my list, I don't suppose there's a "device" that houses all the functions of the Konnected board? What I mean is something like a dashboard that has the number pad shown, with all the status of sensors, a time log of when/which sensors/contacts triggered, etc. I think this is the last step in my quest to replacing my previous alarm system integration (Alarm Decoder).
  • Hi J Tang, Is it possible to provide a pic of your relay setup ?

    I have the two interface boards but must have missed the instructions whereby I used them each for the relays.  I'm going to go back to the relay setup and see what I missed.

  • Hi J Tang,

    I have a few questions  and may have had the light bulb turn on (as dim as it is).   

        a.  Do you have the interface module that contains the relay built on ?  

        b.  when you connect 17 and 18 outputs - do you have one of those outputs on either of the interface boards ?    

        c.  If you have the interface board with the relay, do you have to connect both interface boards GRND and VERF to the Vista ports for voltage reference ?

    There was something you said about the relays that peeked my interest in these boards then I discovered "RELAY" on the damn board.  None of the darn documentation says anything about a damn relay on the konnected board.

    If possible, please poste a pic of your relay/board if combination or individual relay connectivity.

  • Any idea what I've configured incorrectly - see attached file for connections on my boards.

  • Hey Archie,

    I tried to take a few photos but my panel internals are so packed it's hard to follow any lines.

    I had a look at your diagram and the only thing that seems to be missing as far as I can tell is that there is an "IN" connection all the way at the very far right that corresponds to the relay module on each of those interface boards.  That "IN" needs to be connected to the Konnected Pro Board, which has two corresponding "OUT" connections.  You need to connect those two together in order for the main board to provide those outputs.

  • In case you can't find where the "OUT" connections are located, if you look at the diagram you provided of the main Konnected board, it is at the very left hand side of that diagram,.  There is a row of 6 pins (3 for each output).

  •  Hi everyone,

    Through lots of pain and trial and error and definitely some help from you all and the folks at Konnected, I've been able to get to a point where I see Armed Stay and Away in my Home Assistant Sensors for the Konnected boards.

    Now I'm off to the next step to setup the Alarm Panel to recognize when these outputs execute and provide the capability to set my alarm from anywhere.

    If you have Home Assistant automations that set this up, I would really appreciate your assistance.

  •  Sometime you need to take step back and let things cool and then charge at it again. 

    For those of you struggling as I have been with configuring Konnected in parallel with your current system, you might just have everything done that you need to do and just frustration of how you think it should work doesn't match.

    I still have a little more to go, but I've at least figured out "the switch" and could not believe that the switch control that armed/disarmed the alarm, was right there, identified literally as a "switch" - look at this screen capture and ensure that you are additing entities associated with konnected "switch" to your UI


    Now, I'm only trying to figure out the Arm Away fucntion that is not working properly and trying to get that going.

    What a relief

  • I want to give a very big Thank you to David Parsons! I wouldn't have been able to do the project without that pdf document and your advice!!!! From the bottom of my heart thank you so very much!!!! Guide on the Konnected website did not work for me. Thank you Dave!!!!!
  • I was able just now to tie the output 1 and output 2 together to a single relay feed on the keyswitch and it works.   I have separate devices in the cloud with different durations.

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