Wondering if anyone has been able to get the new interface modules with a vista panel and smartthings. I can get the interface to connect and I can see the zones open and closed on the smartthings app but I cannot get the panel to program the relays correctly. I can trigger the relay from the app but cant get the programming correctly to arm the system.

  • Same here.  Working on it this weekend.  Please let me know if you find and answer and I will do the same.


  • I have been at it every evening this week to very little success. I was able to finally get it to arm via the relay, but it stayed armed and I was not able to disarm it. Had to disconnect from power to reset. I will tell you that the only way I got it to arm was to make sure I set a delay on the relay to stay on for 3 seconds. That armed it in the stay  mode.

    make sure you use the relay on Zone 7, and set that zone to a switch. Then go into  *79 and *80 and do some programming. I will try and post a link here to where I found what to program in. Hope it works. I finally gave up and am using the Konnected interface to see the zones on Smartthings and use them for automation. I ordered an Envisalink 4 and am using that to control it is working perfect so far. It doesnt  intergrate with Smartthings yet, but maybe one day. It does work with Alexa though and I can arm and disarm with a code using Alexa.


    Disregard the access control relay on the link and just think of the 4204 relay as the konnected relay and go with normally open and common out of the relay into zone 7 with a 2k resistor across the zone. 

    Please let me know if you figure it out. I really want to figure out the outputs on the panel to try and see if I can make status icons work on Smartthings using the Konnected Zones 

  • Is there a way to change the duration of the interruption (short circuit) from the relay on the momentary switch (from the Konnected out)?   

    The current "brief interruption" behavior is causing two issues  on my Vista 20p.  First, it usually doesn't recognize the switch was ever activated and sometimes registers it as a "switch fault" rather than an Arming.   Second,  Vista looks at a short (1 sec) interruption to Arm Away, and a long (3 sec) interruption to Arm Stay.    

    I've played with adjusting the delay in SmartThings on the switch but that appears to have the effect of delaying when the switch is activated not the adjusted the duration of the interruption.   Also, I really would rather implement this in home assistant because the response times are so much better, so I would need to be able to adjust this there also.

    As a test I changed the "momentary switch" to a "switch" and manually pressed the button twice (1 sec apart for Away, and 3 sec apart for Stay) and it works, but this isn't how the switch likes to behave and it's certainly not ideal.

    I have extra zones and relays so I if I can get the different interruption times working I could have a separate zone and relay for each action if necessary.  

    Thanks in advance for any tips!


  • Hey Dave glad you got it to kind of work. I think there is where I was. The only way I saw to change the delay was on Smartthings when you go into the settings for that "Thing" and change the delay that way. If I am not mistaken that is in milliseconds and what you want for the Vista panel is seconds, so you would have to do the math.  3 seconds would be 3000 milliseconds.  That worked for me to arm it in the Stay mode but then I couldn't get it to disarm. Please update us if you get it, especially the output programming for the onboard programming. I am a bit confused on that part because on the link above and in other sites it looks like *79 and *80 is to program those outputs but I never connected anything to those pins on the panel, all I connected was from the Konnected relays to Zone 7. I would love to get the outputs to work if that is what I would need to be able to see on Smartthings when the alarm is armed, and disarmed. 

  • I'm delighted to announce that I was able to get the konnected interface board working with my Vista20p board this weekend on both homeassistant and SmartThings!

    I wanted to share some key learnings about my setup process that would have reduced my four full weekends to less than an hour in the hopes it helps others as well.   

    The attached 2 page file has instructions particular to a Vista 20p board that I was unable to clearly find anywhere else.  Page 1 is the wiring and vista programming.  For now some screenshots and configuration.yaml are shown on page 2.  

    I'll plan to post a video demonstration of my setup on both home assistant and SmartThings as soon as I can find the time.    I'll be able to demonstrate the impressive responsiveness,  flexibility in the Automation and UI look and feel better that way. 

    In the end the setup was not that difficult, and the system works PERFECTLY as I wanted on home assistant and mostly how I wanted on SmartThings. 

    Thanks Nate and the Konnected team!  

    Dave Parsons

  • Dave, I could really use your help/input. Trying to make this work on Smartthings and either I have it installed correctly but just don't understand how its supposed to work or I am doing something wrong. 

    I have a 12 zone interface setup. One relay for now (have another if I need to use it). I wired and programmed as you demonstrated on your sheet. No errors on the alarm side, panel shows no faults. I used zone 4 & 5 on the second Konnected interface connected to the outputs of my vista 20p. I placed a 2k resistor inline on Zone 7 common of the vista panel. 

    I think my problem is with the proggraming of the Konnected interface. At first I went in and set zones 4 & 5 as momentary switches and set a delay of 2000 milliseconds. (This all done on Smartthings) Named one of them Arm Stay and the other Arm Away. They show up as "Things" on my app, when pressed them nothing would happen. I could see the orange light on the Konnected board blink off for 2 seconds then back on. 

    I was under the impression that this was how I was to arm the alarm. Then I saw that there is another setting at the end of the zone settings in the Konnected board called Alarm out, I turned that on to the momentary switch and set 2-second delay. That created another "thing" in the Smartthings app. When I press that my alarm does arm in stay if I do a delay of 1second or more and in away mode if I leave it with no delay. I have to press it a few times to get it to work. Once the alarm is set then the momentary switches I set for zones 4 & 5 of the konnected boards go from off to open.

    I gather I did it right and its working as it should? Unfortunately, it looks/works nothing like you and Nate show on the home assistant app. I have no way to enter a code to disarm/arm. So anyone with access to my phone could disarm. There really isn't alarm type icons for the "things" so I would rely on reading if it's open or close to determine if it's armed and in which mode. (Stay/Away). I also have to choose whether I want to set up the switch to arm in away or stay mode, I can only do one, or set up the other relay and add it to Zone 7 of the vista panel. Use one for Away and one for Stay. 

    Am I understanding all this correctly? Is smartthing just alot more limited than home assistant?


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