No sensors work after new install

Just got my Konnected hooked up and everything has gone flawless, other than the fact nothing works.  I'm switching from a Brinks 6 zone (3 door 3 motion) system and using Smartthings.  After the install everything seemed fine, Smartthings installed Konnected just fine, I configured everything and no matter what I do I can't get a trigger.  the motion sensors have power now so I know at least that's working but can't get triggers.

I thought the unit was rebooting itself no stop, I'd get like 4-5 pings to go through ranging anywhere from 7ms to 3000ms (no my home network isn't the problem) so I opened a ticket, Nate suggest I flash the unit .. did that, rediscovered .. and nothing has improved.  Still gutting bunk pings, lots of packet loss (which I'm guessing are unit reboots when I get 6-7 dropped packets in a row) so now I'm totally out of ideas .. I'm starting to wonder if my unit is bad?

any ideas?

  • Attachment from previous post wouldn't work .. here is what I'm seeing .. is this normal?


  • This is not normal, it looks like your Konnected wireless is dropping I would move your panel closer to the wireless access point if possible. 

  • I'm getting the same packet loss issues but it only occurs when I trigger a motion event with one of my motion sensors.

    So, if I have no events occurring, there is no packet loss but as soon as I start moving around and triggering a motion sensor, I experience packet loss.

  • I am having this issue, I have the motion detector from ADT, it IS getting power, i walk out and move and the light turns red, I have it setup on smartthings however always offline, no alerts, basically useless.

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