FBII XL-2 Install Armed or not Status Feed?

Anyone install the Konnected Interface Board (new one that allows old alarm system to function) on an FBII XL-2 (circa 1995)?  I got everything working: zones connected and even the arm/disarm working using a momentary switch device on SmartThings App.  Seems the FBII XL-2 has a keyswitch built in on pins 8 and 10 for the arm/disarm.  But I cannot find how to get the feed for arm or not status?  There is no program pins so that's out - I don't know if one of the Zones can be programmed for this?

  • I realized this is an old topic, but I might have a bit of useful information for Antonio (and others).  I have an FBI XL-2 system and am investigating the Konnected options to use it with Homekit.  I live in the midwest, and we often get thunderstorms, and sometimes they would trigger the system into full alarm.  The keypads would become non-responsive and all the zone lights would be on.  To silence the alarm, I disconnected the power and the battery backup.  I found that leaving it disconnected for several hours would somehow allow the system to reset.   I have done this many times and it has always worked.  I have gone to other homes in our development (builder used the same system in many homes) and help people get their alarms to turn off during thunderstorms when they did not know what to do.  Sometimes the alarm systems had not been used for years but went into full alarm during a storm.  Lightning is freaky.  Found that it can also can disable Genie garage door openers (probably the wire loops for the photo eyes across the door acted as antenna?) and unplugging/turning the breaker off/on would reset them.

  • Hi -anyone can share some information if the FBII XL-2 board can be programmed to work with the konnected interface system (preferably with HomeKit via homebridge). Thank you for help
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