Has anyone come up with a Health Check for Konnected from ST? Building out a 24 zone system and concerned if Konnected stops reporting to ST, not sure how I would know. Is there a simple setup I am missing?
  • Any luck with this Brent? I am having this same issue. There seems to be no way to see if the konnected panel is online or not in SmartThings.
  • Nope. No progress. Let me know if you come up with anything.
  • Hey Brent,

    Haven't tried it yet, but found this as a possible solution:


    The idea would be to set up a IP-based precense device for the panel.  If the panel's IP address doesn't show as online, you could at least see there is a problem.  This solution requires another computer or device to handle api calls.. which I'm not crazy about.  But I haven't seen anything else that would work.

  • Has anyone come up with a solution to monitor the connected state of panel itself?
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