Finished installing my Konnected system and am very pleased.  

Replaced my existing DSC alarm system with 3 Konnected boards, installed neatly into a custom case.  System is accessible via 6 tablets installed in custom wall mounts throughout the home.  Used Samsung Galaxy tablets in main living areas and Kindle Fire HD 7 tablets where each of the alarm keypads previously were.  Single centrally located 12v power supply provides power to all of the tablets with 12v to 5v converters behind each.

Great working product, great value.




  • Jim - it's a 12v power supply.  Amazon

    Hope that helps,


  • Perfect, thanks! Did you make your own mount for it?
  • Jim - yes.  The power supply mount is available for purchase from my Etsy store.

  • So the 12 volt is how you power the tablet? Do you use the existing alarm wires and place it in the closet with the rest of the alarm panels? I have ordered all the parts just need to order a tablet and a Mike's panel.. not sure what else I need for sure.
  • Richard - yes, I use a 12v power supply that powers all my tablets as well as my Konnected 3-board system.  The power supply is located where my original alarm system panel was located and I use my existing keypad wiring to send 12v down to the tablet, converting from 12v to 5v directly behind the tablet.

    Hope that helps,

    Let me know if you have any additional questions.


  •  Mike, thanks for all of your help, I got the stuff and installed the, but I am at the part where I install the power supply, and I don't want to mess anything up, and there are not decent instructions that came with this power supply.. Do I just get a power cord off of an old appliance I don't need anymore and clip the wires and put them on the input of the power supply? seems kinda weird to me, but that also seems to be what its indicating to do. I also have a connection for "earth wire" I am unsure if I need to use, and an adjuster for output voltage range. I am unsure if I need to adjust. could you help to clear up my mind about connecting it the way I am thinking so I don't have to be scared i am going to mess something up please? Am I correct in assuming all I have to do is connect the two wires to a typical plug, and then connect the outputs to the wires going to to the control panel/tablet?

  • Richard,

    Yes, you can use any old computer wire. Just cut off the female end and strip the wires back just enough to be under the contacts on the power box.  The "earth wire" is the ground, which should be the, typically, green wire in your power cord. Yes, connect it as well.  Yes, you will need to adjust your power for the tablets. The power box will send 12 volts down the line to your tablet. However, your tablet is a 5 volt device so you will need to step it down from 12v to 5v. To make it easy, Mike offers this adapter with his mounts. Just make sure to order the one that includes it. I believe it's around $5 more.

  •  Nice setup, I'm looking at pulling the trigger on the 12 zone kit myself.

    One thing I can't work out, and I've tried to Google to no avail, is how do the multiple alarm board/addon boards get treated as "one" singular alarm in say Smartthings?

    The reason I ask is how do the zones and sirens attached to the separate boards end up as a "singular alarm system", so that if a sensor was tripped on a zone that doesn't have a siren attached to the board, how does the board which does have the siren attached get triggered?

    All videos I've looked at only have one 6 zone controller, or don't cover the smart hub integration, and just start with the wiring to ending with this is what ActionTiles looks like

  • James,

    The boards don't act as an alarm, they simply provide a way to connect wired "sensors" and make them available within your smarthub. Using Smartthings, for example, there is a Konnected SmartApp that will show all of your Konnected boards. You go into each board and setup the zones with names and sensor types. All of those will then be available Devices in Smartthings and that's where your automations are controlled. It doesn't matter what board the siren is conencted to or which of your zones triggers, your automations in your smarthub control that.  I use the Smart Home Monitor automation to handle the alarm.  

  • Thanks Jm, that's what I thought but I was struggling to visualise how it all pieced together

    I had watched that video already, it's good but only shows one konnected device, but at least gives me a good indication of how it works

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