Alarm Panel Wifi Setup - Connection Issues caused by special characters

First, have to say the quick response from Konnected at crazy hours last night was amazing.  I received my 24 panel set up last eve and couldn't wait to break it open and at least test connect a panel to wifi, etc to get things going.  Well, after a very frustrating hour of blinking blue lights, failing to connect and using many different devices (laptop, phone, tablet) to make it work i broke down and contacted Konnected at 9pm CST.  By 10pm I had a response and some things to try (that didn't work).  Fast forward a couple emails and a few hours, and the issue was very simple.  The system simply doesn't like certain characters/symbols in SSIDs/Passwords.  I used my guest network and took out the ' symbol from my SSID and boom!  Connected right up!  I still had a - in the name so guessing a few basic symbols like _ and - are ok, but likely most are not.  So if you are having trouble connecting right out of the box, simply look at your SSID and passwords to see if you have any special characters.  If you do, take them out and you are probably good to go like i was.  Now onto the Smartthings piece of the puzzle :)

  • Update ... I May have jumped the gun on my excitement / root cause of the issue. The characters could well have been an issue. However, what I discovered through an odd twist of luck is that my main ssid had a space at the end that was effectively ‘invisible’. I had tested the character piece on my guest network and then removed the character from my main network where I still ended up with a fail. Once I removed the invisible space all was good. After resetting all the devices in my wifi 2x I’m not interested in going back to recreate and isolate the character issue to test it so I guess the moral is if you have WiFi connect issues it’s still worth eliminating that as an issue but likely wasn’t my real problem is the end ....
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