Glass Break what 'type' of sensor

In setting up my 'glass break' sensors how would these be characterized??  Choices appear to be 'contact on/off" and motion??

How are people setting these up?

  • I have the same question. 

    I am setting up the Konnected panel to use with Home Assistant. I have 6 windows and two door sensors working great. I just wired in the glass break sensor (red/black to Aux+/Aux-, green/white to Zone 5/G).

    I need to declare the glass break sensor in my configuration.yaml file in Home Assistant, but I do not know what 'type' is appropriate. None of these binary sensor types supported by Home Assistant seems to fit with the concept of a glass break sensor. Which type have other folks successfully used?

  • Has anyone found the answer to this?
  •  If I'm not mistaken, I believe the glass break sensors are treated as 'motion' sensors.  I'm sure that's how Nate instructed us to do it with SmartThings, and I'm fairly certain HassIO treats them similarly.   I guess I'll find out for sure, as I'm getting ready to add mine into Home Assistant shortly.

  • didn't work for me. i tried banging on the windows that i know have a glassbreak detector. no luck

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