Will Konnected integrate with the Google Home Hub (or similar visualization products coming out) as an alternative to buying ActionTiles and a tablet?
  • that would be the best. 

    Does anyone know how SmartThings items show up on Google Home Hub? Can we get the Arm/Disarm panel etc?

  • I think it depends on what the SmartThings is. I can see the individual Konnnected zones/sensors in GH but they don’t have any status to display or function I can perform.
  • Does anyone have any updated info on this? Specifically, can you see alarm status and arm or disarm from the Google Home Hub screen?
  • I would love to know the answer to this as well. 

    Totally would switch over to Konnected today if there was integration with Google Home Hub / Google Nest Hub. Right now I remain on the fence while I plan out the overhaul of my existing wired alarm system.

  • I am interested in integration with Google Home Hub also. I will switch over to Konnected when I can use existing Google Home Hub.
  • I'm in as soon as Konnected can be managed by Google Hub!

  • Any changes here? I was told when I purchased this a few months ago that Google Home Hub worked and the incon is on the Konnected Box. 


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