State Changes not Reflecting In SmartThings App

Hi All,

I'm just getting set up with my installation and I seem to be having some problems with state changes of door/window sensors and motion sensors reflecting in the SmartThings app.

I have three door sensors, two window sensors, one motion sensor and a siren wired up currently. I see immediate state changes from closed->open->closed on one of the three doors, the windows, and when i turn the siren on and off manually it's state reflects properly in the app.

With the other two doors, they will show as Closed in the app, then when I open them they'll change to Open immediately, but then will never change back to Closed. When I observe the Live logs the"contact closed" event is logged but the sensor status shows as Open in SmartThings, unless I power cycle the Konnected board. In this case the default state is Closed for all door/window sensors.

The motion sensor is similar. It starts off as "No Motion", then when there is motion will change to "Motion" I see a Live log for "A sensor event occurred" [name:motion......" and the sensor changes to "Motion" in SmartThings, but then will never revert back to "No Motion".

I've tried to set the Normal State on all sensors to "Normally Open" but this doesn't seem to make a difference. Has anyone got any clue where the disconnect is? My house is a 90s build and I see no resistors anywhere in the existing wiring.


  • Update: the two doors eventually updated to show the Closed status in the app - after more than an hour. This doesn't happen for any of my other wireless sensors or lights connected to SmartThings so it seems odd that it's happening for some sensors on Konnected but not others. The motion sensor is still showing Motion despite there being no motion for almost an hour. I've set it to Normally Closed now to see if that helps.
  • Just a note for anyone interested that this turned out to be cause by resistors in the motion and contact sensors. Damn things!

  • Yes, Alex, I am having the same problem and was looking in here for help. Thanks for circling back with the root cause.

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