Hi, I have setup one Konnected alarm panel for 6 zones so far, 24 more zones to go and while playing with it I have noticed there is a delay from the time I open a door or window to the time I hear the piezo buzzer beeping. Do you know what causes the delay? Is it Konnected or Hubitat? I was under the impression that running local like Hubitat does fixes the delay issue but that's no the case here. 

  • I have a 6 zone Konnected system, and Hubitat. I am only using three zones. I have the current firmware for Hubitat and am not experiencing any delays when opening door sensors. I do not have the piezo buzzer installed yet.

    My recommendation would be to look at your debug logs in Hubitat to see if there if anything reveals itself. Maybe you have a collision with 802.11 wireless channels? Watch what frequency you use if you have any ZigBee devices in the area.

  • I am also running the latest firmware for Hubitat. Can you try with a piezo buzzer and keep me posted?

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