I connected my traditional wired AC powered doorbell to my Konnect system through a circuit that creates a 3.3V DC signal.  I will attach a picture of my circuit and setup.  Right now I only have the front door doorbell connected. 

My question has to do with selecting the best type of zone sensor for a doorbell.  Right now I am using the open/close switch but I am wondering if anyone has a better solution.  I would prefer to have an icon that is similar to the smoke detector, one which is not colored until the button is pressed.  If anyone has any advice please let me know.  I am brand new to using SmartThings.  I created an automation that pushes a notification and text to alert me that someone is at the front door.  

I am also going to implement my mailbox soon.  I installed a proximity sensor which uses a Hall effect sensor and a magnet.  The sensor is hard wired and I buried the wire from the mailbox to my house.  

(4.33 MB)
(2.94 MB)
(506 KB)
  • Here are a few pictures of my mailbox sensor.  

    (25.9 KB)
    (25.8 KB)
    (34.6 KB)
    (30.7 KB)
  • Opps, I just noticed a mistake in my circuit drawing.  Here is the correct depiction.  The circuit connects between the switch and the transformer, not to both switches.  


    (470 KB)
  • Based on the second schematic you are grounding the Front doorbell F signal. I follow the pink line from the chime F and as I move to the right, below the line is a ground icon.
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